Statement regarding Historic Preservation Commission policy review

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Planning and Economic Development Director Dr. Bruce Corrie released the following statement regarding the Historic Preservation Commission’s policy review process in advance of tonight’s regularly scheduled meeting.

“Saint Paul is a distinctly beautiful city because of our mix of old and new home structures. The City requires all properties, regardless of historic status, to be maintained according to building code to ensure healthy and safe communities. I am incredibly grateful to the residents of Saint Paul’s heritage districts who have done an excellent job of maintaining and preserving our shared history.

“Over the past several weeks, City staff have listened to feedback from residents, much of which was focused on improving our design review processes. As a result, we are suspending our efforts to update the Legislative Code Chapter 73 so that we can focus on clarifying and expediting the design review process. The proposed updates were never meant to unjustly burden our residents of historic districts, but instead, offer an opportunity to reexamine our policies and workflow so we can provide more clarity and efficient service to property owners.

“Additionally, we are reviewing our Environmental Assessment Worksheet obligations with the State Historic Preservation Office and Environmental Quality Board to address the concerns we have heard from residents of the state and national Hill Historic District.”

Media contact:
Hannah Burchill, Planning and Economic Development