How can I appeal my assessment? An assessment may not be appealed until after it has been levied by the City Council. Once levied, an assessment may be appealed by filing a written notice stating the grounds for the appeal with the City Clerk within 30 days following the levy date. You must also file the same notice with the Clerk of the Ramsey County District Court within 10 days after filing with the City Clerk. Payments must be made while an assessment is under appeal. If the appeal is successful, payments already made plus interest will be refunded to the property owner.

How can I appeal my Storm Sewer System Charge (SSSC) invoice?

Section 81.06 of the Saint Paul Administrative Code provides that a property owner may file a written request for review with the department of Public Works regarding the charge within 30 days of the mailing. Failing to file a request within 30 days prevents further appeal.

Last Edited: February 15, 2024