Disability Rules and Permits

Saint Paul offers special parking for people with certain disabilities including residential disability parking zones and free limited parking at meters. 

To qualify for a special disability parking, you must have either a disability license plate or parking certificate which are issued by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Disability Parking Rules

Those possessing a valid disability certificate or plate may park at any city meter without a fee. Disability parking certificates or plates allows parking up to 4 hours except for those meters marked with a 30-minute maximum.

Once the time limit is reached, the vehicle must be moved at least two blocks away from the original space. If you need to park for an extended period of time, we encourage you to use off-street parking ramps or lots.

Long-term parkers with disabilities may qualify for reduced monthly rates at Saint Paul parking ramps. To learn more, please call (651) 266-6200.

Disability Parking Permits

Residential Disability Parking Zone

Some residents with disabilities may qualify for a Residential Disability Parking Zone. A disability parking zone sign may be installed near a qualified person’s residence if the following criteria are met.

  1. Resident has a disability license plate or disability parking certificate.
  2. Off-street parking is not available or accessible to the disabled person.
  3. On-street parking is generally not available.
  4. There is not one or more existing disability parking zone that is accessible to the disabled person.

To apply for a residential disabled parking zone installation, please complete the Residential Disability Parking Zone Application and mail it to:

Traffic Division
800 City Hall Annex
25 West 4th Street
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Once your application has been received, it will be reviewed and you will be notified on the approval or denial of your application. If approved, we will also send a quote for the cost of installation.

Special Needs Parking Permit

People with disabled parking certificates may apply for a permit allowing on-street parking near their place of employment. Applicants must have severe mobility impairment which requires parking very close to their place of employment, and must regularly park over 4 hours without any other reasonable parking alternatives in the immediate vicinity.

This permit does not apply to 30-minute meters and during times when metered parking is prohibited such as with hooded meters, snow emergencies, and rush hour restrictions. The applicant, permit, and specified vehicle must be together and in the vicinity of the applicant’s place of employment to be valid. Any unauthorized use or reproduction of the permit is subject to revocation of parking privileges and possible revocation and fines under state law. Misuse of the permit may result in revocation for a minimum of 12 months.

Please note that this permit does not guarantee a parking space but only allows for general parking. Permits are non-transferrable.

To apply for a permit, please follow the criteria and instructions below.

  1. Download, pick up, or request a mailed application from the Traffic Engineering Office.
  2. Complete the following supplemental information:
    • How does your disability specifically require you to park at a meter close to your employment?
    • Information from your doctor that explains your mobility restrictions.
  3. Make an appointment with a city staff and/or city-designated rehabilitation counselor to submit an application in person.

The applicant will be notified of approval or denial of their application in approximately four weeks.

Non-refundable special needs permit fee: 50% of the ramp rate in the specified closest participating ramp paid monthly or annually
Misplaced or lost special needs permit fee: $5 per person, vehicle, and place of employment.