Bulky Item

"Bulky Items" are anything that is too large to fit inside or is prohibited by law from being placed in your garbage cart. Bulky Items include: Furniture, Appliances, Electronics and Mattresses. The citywide garbage collection program includes a number of bulky items per residential property unit per calendar year.

     Small Carts: 2 bulky items included per year

     Medium and Large Carts: 3 bulky items included per year

If you need to dispose of additional items you can pay $10-35 per bulky item (plus tax) to have them collected. The price of disposal of additional items can be found at the bottom of this page.


Construction and Demolition Debris is NOT included and can't be placed in your garbage cart. To find disposal options for these materials visit RamseyRecycles.

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Bulky Item Collection Process and Rates

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    Contact your hauler to schedule collection.

    Contact your hauler at least 48 hours before your regularly scheduled collection day. You can find your hauler and their contact information by visiting our interactive map. All pick-ups will be scheduled within seven days of your request.

    Put your items out for collection.

    Follow your hauler's instruction for when and where to put your items out for collection.

    The hauler will collect your items!

    Your garbage hauler will track the number of bulky items collected from your property. Property owners can contact their hauler at any time to find out the number of free bulky items remaining for the rest of the year.

    Do not place items IN the cart; materials must be clean of food and liquid

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    Fees for Non-included Bulky Items

    If you have more than 2-3 large items to dispose of in a year, your garbage hauler will take them away for an additional fee. Pricing of additional bulky item removal:

    $10 (plus tax) per item: Baby car seat or booster seat, area rug (average 3 ft. by 5 ft.), small chair (dining room, desk, kitchen, stool, or high chair), children’s toy (doll house, big wheel, etc.), additional holiday tree (after 1st free tree, up to 6 ft. tall), holiday tree taller than 6 ft., small door (bi-fold), small dresser (child’s dresser or nightstand), small medicine cabinet mirror (no more than 3.5 ft. any dimension), small table (card or plastic), tire without rim (car or truck), toilet (without tank), vacuum cleaner, window screen.

    $20 (plus tax) per item: Baby crib, fiberglass bathtub, small bed components (bed frame, headboard, or footboard), bicycle (child or adult), large chair (stuffed or recliner), small couch (non-sleeper or sectional piece), medium desk (wood or children’s desk), medium door (screen, hollow interior, or shower door), large dresser, small electronic recyclables (keyboard, VCR, or DVD player), garage door opener (rails must be broken down), medium mirror (up to 6 ft. in length), small sink (kitchen or bathroom – single or pedestal), medium table (coffee or end table), tire with rim (car or truck), toilet (with tank), water softener (empty only), single pane window.

    $35 (plus tax) per item: Appliances (washer, dryer, water heater, refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, etc.), Cast iron bathtub (must be broken up), large bed components (mattress or box spring), carpeting (cut and rolled at 5 ft. max. length per room (average room size 12 ft. x 12 ft.)), large couch (love seat, hide-a-bed couch/frame (mattress is a separate item), or futon frame (mattress is a separate item), metal desk, large door (solid interior or exterior sliding glass – by piece), exercise equipment, electronic recyclables (TV under 27” or computer monitor), gas grill (no tank), lawn mower or snow blower (gas and oil must be drained), large mirror (any dimension larger than 6 ft.), large sink (bathroom vanity sink or non-concrete laundry tub), large table (kitchen or dining room), trampoline, large window (double/triple pane or larger).

    $55 (plus tax) per item: TVs over 26”, console TVs and rear projection TVs.

    If you have questions about the pricing of a bulky item you would like removed, please contact your hauler directly.

Last Edited: December 22, 2020