License Hearings


The licensing hearing, triggered by letters of con­cern, is an informal process for a Class N license application (Chapter 310). The hearing is conducted by the Hearing Officer who makes a recommendation to the City Council. The City classifies about 35 types of business activities requiring neighborhood notification. For example, a Class N license is required for entertainment, second hand dealerships, auto repair and liquor/drinking establishments. This hearing process provides an opportunity for the applicant to state his or her reasons for the application and allows the impacted neighborhood to voice concerns (i.e., noise, parking, trash, etc,). During the hearing, when appropriate, license conditions addressing concerns are discussed and worked into the development of recommendations for City Council consideration. The City Council is the final authority on whether a license application is approved or denied. All responsible parties and interested parties (which include affected residents who have made objections to or voiced support for an application) are informed by letter about when and where the hearing will take place. All questions related to the hearing process, details of a license hearing and/or objections/support for the license application can be emailed to An agenda of the license hearing is posted on To apply for a permit or license or for questions regarding licensing requirements, please visit


Nhia Vang, Deputy Legislative Hearing Officer, Email, 310 City Hall, 15 Kellogg Blvd., Saint Paul, MN 55102-1615, Phone: 651-266-8560 Fax: 651-266-8574
Vicki Sheffer, Recording Secretary, Email, Phone: 651-266-1941