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Flood Forecast from the National Weather Service

For the most up to date flood forecasts, please visit the National Weather Service website.​​


           14 feet: Minor Flood Stage

                  15 feet: Moderate Flood Stage

                  17 feet:  Major Flood Stage


Xcel Energy Update

Xcel Energy wants to help your family stay safe in the event of flooding. It’s also taking steps to ensure its facilities can continue delivering reliable service if flooding occurs.

If flooding happens in your area, to help keep you safe, Xcel Energy may need to disconnect electric or natural gas service to some customers. You should not attempt to disconnect electricity or natural gas service yourself.

Visit Xcel Energy’s website to learn more about flood safety and preparations, or contact their Customer Care representatives at 800-895-4999.

Top 10 Historic Crests in St. Paul

View from Wiggington Pavilion looking downtown over flooded water

1.  26.01 ft on 04/16/1965

2.  24.52 ft on 04/15/1969
3.  23.76 ft on 04/18/2001
4.  23.20 ft on 04/30/2001
5.  22.37 ft on 04/13/1997
6.  22.02 ft on 04/16/1952
7.  20.19 ft on 03/31/2019
8.  20.13 ft on 06/26/2014
9.  19.15 ft on 06/26/1993
10.  19.02 ft on 03/29/2011


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Last Edited: May 3, 2024