Why do vehicles float? They float for the same reason a 97,000 ton aircraft carrier floats, buoyancy!

Where does this idea that "my heavy vehicle will keep me safe" come from? It comes from the false trust in the weight of the vehicle you are driving.

Many believe their 3,000 pound or more vehicle will remain in contact with the road surface, that it is too heavy to float. Think about that for a moment. Aircraft carriers weighing 97,000 tons float.

Vehicles, including ships, float because of buoyancy. In fact, most cars can be swept away in 18-24 inches of moving water. Trucks and SUVs do not fare much better with an additional 6-12 inches of clearance.


Real world video of a swift water rescue

Check your emergency kit, and make sure it can support you for up to 3 days.

Include medications, batteries, backup chargers and cords, pet supplies, baby/infant needs and things for children, including comfort items.

Wiggington Pavilion surrounded by the flooded Mississippi River, nearly covering park benches and ducks are swimming where the road should be.

Last Edited: March 22, 2023