Engine House 23 History

Engine House 23 was originally erected in 1878 at the corner of Taylor and Asbury. It housed Ladder 7 and Supply Hose 4. Chemical Number 9 was also there for a short period. In 1915, the house was motorized. On January 15, 1923, the double-bay, brick house was closed and then used for many years as a department storeroom.

A new Station 23 was erected at Snelling and Atlantic (now Canfield) in 1922 and was leased from the State Fair Grounds (Agricultural Society) for $1.00 per year. The lot was abandoned in 1940 and sold to Hamline University.

Station 23 got yet another new home in 1977-78 when a new station was built at 1926 Como Ave. The City's newest fire station housed Engine 23, Engine 13, and Medic 23. Ambulance 23 was placed in service in 1971 and was upgraded to Medic status in 1978.

Fire Station 23

Last Edited: July 27, 2022