Engine House 1 History

The original house was built in approximately 1870 at 411 Saint Peter St. It housed Hose Company 1, originally, but a later building addition allowed Pioneer Hook and Ladder 1 to join the house.
In 1887, a double-bay, two-story building was erected at the corner of Ninth and Fort Rd. (Main St.). That building was occupied in the years to follow by Engine Company 1 and Ladder 1.
On April 13, 2010, Station 1 moved out of its present location of 296 West 7th Street and into its brand new location located at 1000 West 7th Street, along with Fire Station 10.

Current Station 1 Deployment:  Rescue Squad 3, Engine 10, Medic 10, MN State Taskforce 1 Structural Collapse Rescue, Air Trailer, Fire Investigator, EMS Supervisor and Deputy Chief.

Fire Station 1

Last Edited: January 10, 2019