If you are a current City of Saint Paul employee and are interested in career advancement, below outlines the mechanics involved in making this possible:

Promotion Through the Testing Process

Promotional opportunities occur when a vacancy is declared. Vacant positions are most often filled through the testing process. They can be filled through a promotional or open examination. To be eligible to take a promotional examination, the vacancy must be at a higher classification and pay range. In addition, you must be a current certified City of Saint Paul or Independent School District 625 employee with at least two years and 2080 hours of actual working time and must have had a satisfactory performance evaluation rating at the time of the last rating prior to the examination (See Civil Service Rule 14). Please note: Civil Service Rule 14 regarding promotions may not apply to certain bargaining units. You may contact Labor Relations, 266-6513, for a list of affected bargaining units.

Promotion Through Reallocation

Positions sometimes evolve over time until duties and responsibilities are no longer consistent with an assigned classification. If significant job change has occurred, the current position may be studied to determine appropriate classification and compensation. In this situation Human Resources conducts a study of the position. If it is determined that the duties and responsibilities are consistent with those of a higher classification and the incumbent has met all of the criteria noted below, he/she may be placed in the higher classification without further competitive examination:

  • Performed at the higher classification for one year or more
  • Meets the minimum qualifications of the higher classification
  • Has promotion rights
  • Demonstrates satisfactory performance in his/her position

If an employee feels a study of the position is warranted, a Job Profile will need to be completed and submitted to Human Resources in order to understand the duties and responsibilities of the position.


Depending on the size of the department or other factors, there may be limited opportunity for advancement. Another option to consider is to transfer to another department in your current classification or a classification that you've previously held. This would be considered a lateral move with no increase in classification or pay. However, you may gain new learning experiences that may be beneficial to a future career. Refer to Civil Service Rule 17 for specific language on transfers. If interested in being placed on the transfer list or for general inquiries, contact the Human Resources Office, 651-266-6500.

Last Edited: November 14, 2016