In the case of grievances with respect to discharge, reduction, or suspension, the employee may appeal the appointing officer’s action before the Civil Service Commission.

  1. The employee must request in writing a hearing, within five working days of the date the notice of discharge, reduction or suspension was sent or given. (If a veteran, the request must come within sixty (60) calendar days.)
  2. Within 15 days of receiving the hearing request, the Commission shall set a hearing date, and inform both the employee and the appointing officer.
  3. The Civil Service Commission shall conduct its hearings informally and impartially in such manner as it deems best calculated to ascertain the correctness of the charges preferred, and without requirement to adhere to technical rules of procedure or evidence. The Civil Service Commission shall have the power to administer oaths.
  4. The decision of the Civil Service Commission shall be by majority vote. The Civil Service Commission shall have the power, after having heard whatever evidence it deems sufficient, to act as follows:
    1. Uphold the discharge of the employee from the City in the classified service.
    2. Reduce the employee in rank and/or compensation, provided such reduction is made in accordance with the Civil Service Rules.
    3. Suspend the employee, provided such suspension is made in accordance with the Civil Service Rules. Reduce and suspend said employee.
    4. Order the employee to complete the last year of an apprentice program, if applicable.
    5. Increase or reduce the original penalty.
    6. If the evidence does not support the action of the appointing officer, the employee may be reinstated, and the Civil Service Commission may order that the employee be paid their salary for any part of or for all of the time that the employee was relieved of their duties, may order that a letter, indicating that the action of the appointing officer was reversed and that the specific charge should not be considered in any future actions, be placed in the employee’s personnel file, or may order the employee’s personnel file expunged of all material relating to the discharge.
  5. The Civil Service Commission’s decision shall be in writing and shall be served upon the employee through the mail at the employee’s last known address.

Last Edited: July 7, 2016