Grievance Procedures
City of Saint Paul, Minnesota
Attachment to Civil Service Rule 26 


The following procedures are designed for use by a classified employee of the City or School District. Classified employees are all those employees who meet the definition outlined in Section 12.03.3 of the City Charter. Such employees may also be covered by a collective bargaining agreement. In disciplinary cases (see II below), either the contract or the Civil Service Rules may apply. Grievance related to the terms and conditions of a labor contract should be reviewed through the contract’s grievance procedures. No grievance may be reviewed through more than one grievance process.

All statements of grievance presented for Civil Service Commission review must cite the specific violation of the Civil Service Rules and must contain the remedy requested.

Notwithstanding the steps outlined herein a grievance may go directly to the Civil Service Commission if the grievance is regarding an action by the Human Resources Director, the department head or the designated representative of the Superintendent.

Note: All references to "days" shall be defined as "business days" unless otherwise stated. Any deadline may be extended by mutual agreement of both parties. Failure of the employee to initiate or appeal within the time limit at any step shall constitute waiver of the right to appeal.

If all parties agree a grievance may proceed to any advanced step.


Civil Service Rules Appeal


Discharge, Reduction or Suspension Appeal


Grievance, Examinations, Classifications, Wage Administration


Other Matters (Not Matters of Grievance)

Last Edited: November 16, 2020