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The Central Certification (CERT) Program is a small business certification program recognized by Hennepin County, Ramsey County, the City of Minneapolis and the City of Saint Paul. The CERT Program certifies small businesses, including small Minority-Owned Business Enterprises (MBE) and small Women-Owned Business Enterprises (WBE). The CERT Program also certifies Emerging Small Business Enterprises (ESBE), which are a subset of the small business marketplace.

We are committed to helping small businesses grow and thrive and, as a result of our commitment, this central system exists to assist small businesses, including those owned and operated by women and minorities.

The CERT Program seeks to promote market growth, increase competitiveness, and create jobs among participating businesses, as well as to improve the quality of life for area residents.

The City of Saint Paul currently serves as the contact point for the CERT Program. (The previous website govcontracts.org now redirects to this website.)

To find out if your business is eligible for CERT certification, view the Eligibility Criteria and the Small Business Size Standards website.

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What Documents Will I Need to Apply for CERT?

The CERT application is easy! We just need to know about your business to verify that it is small and engages in the business practices it is advertised to do. This makes sure that government partners looking for small businesses can find you. Generally, we ask for resumes, responsibilities of managers, financial information to assess gross income, a W-9, and any relevant corporate documents describing who runs the business. You can download a checklist of what documents are required here:

We will also need you to select a NAICS code that describes what your business does. The Small Business Administration provides a useful document so businesses can select a NAICS code describing their business. You can find access that list visiting the SBA website HERE

CERT Business Search and Directory

Please click Central CERT Directory HERE  to access the current business list.  To access the list, click on the "Central CERT Directory" on the left menu.  You can do a search of a specific business, or you can download the entire directory.  When you download the directory, the system will prompt you to authenticate your download with a series of images to prevent spam and other unauthorized users.


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Register to create a new login for access to the CERT system. Need assistance logging in and accessing the CERT system? Visit CERT system help .

Certification Application Forms

Paper applications are no longer accepted. To apply, please register and submit an online application.  For further assistance or additional questions, contact the CERT Certification Specialist.

CERT Monthly Workshops

The CERT Certification Program holds workshop at the Rondo Community Library. Please email cert@ci.stpaul.mn.us for registration and additional information.

Last Edited: March 20, 2024