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HREEO Videos

Human Rights Videos

Watch our public service announcements and learn more about your civil rights. 

HREEO Presentations

Equal Access Audit & Disparity Study 

Equal Access Audit

In 2007, the City of Saint Paul conducted a review and performance audit of the economic inclusion efforts of the city. For more information visit the Equal Access Audit webpage.  

Disparity Study 

In 2008, the City of Saint Paul conducted a disparity study to analyze the availability and utilization of women and minority-owned businesses in public contracting. A Disparity Study aims to provide the data and legal justification necessary to create remedial programs for racial or gender discrimination. For more information visit the 2008 Disparity Study webpage. 

HREEO Past Events

Emerging Youth Leaders 

Learn more about the partnership between HREEO, the Saint Paul Police Department, and some of the city's youngest community members. 

"We Are One MN"

Minnesota has welcomed refugees and immigrants from around the world, and it is a part of our rich heritage. We must reaffirm our support of all who live and work in our community, particularly the newest Minnesotans. Let us join together to celebrate "We are One MN: Standing United in Celebrating Community." 

Watch the "We Are One MN" Stories

Last Edited: August 23, 2022