$15 Minimum Wage

On November 14, 2018, Saint Paul Mayor Melvin Carter signed into law a citywide $15 minimum wage ordinance. The signing followed a unanimous vote from the Saint Paul City Council to adopt the ordinance. The City of Saint Paul Minimum Wage Ordinance sets the minimum wage at $15.00 per hour, indexed to inflation, beginning in 2020 for macro businesses. The City of Saint Paul $15 minimum wage ordinance does not contain an adjustment for tipped employees. 

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Minimum Wage Rules Comment Period 

The initial draft of the City of Saint Paul Minimum Wage Proposed Rules is now available for public review and comment. Individuals can submit questions on the minimum wage rules online until November 22, 2019. The survey is intended to identify questions regarding the minimum wage ordinance that were not addressed in the rules. Based on the feedback of the community, HREEO will review the rules to ensure employer and employee responsibilities and rights are well-defined.

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Minimum Wage Schedules

The phase-in period will begin in 2020. The phase-in period length for employers will be dependent on business size, as determined by numbers of employees. The City of Saint Paul and macro businesses will lead the citywide phase-in with its own employees starting on January 1, 2020, and reaching a $15 minimum wage starting July 1, 2022. Please note if the state minimum-wage is higher than the city minimum-wage, employees who are covered by both laws must be paid the higher minimum-wage.

Date Macro Businesses (10,000 + employees) & City of Saint Paul Employees 
1/1/2020 $12.50
7/1/2021 $12.50
7/1/2022 $15.00
1/1/2023 City Rate* 
Date  Large Businesses    (100 - 9,999 employees) Small Businesses     (5 - 99 employees) Micro Businesses (Less than 5 employees)
7/1/2020 $11.50 $10.00 $9.25
7/1/2021 $12.50 $11.00 $10.00
7/1/2022 $13.50 $12.00 $10.75
7/1/2023 $15.00 $13.00 $11.50
7/1/2024 City Rate* $14.00 $12.25
7/1/2025 City Rate* $15.00 $13.25
7/1/2026 City Rate* City Rate* $14.25
7/1/2027 City Rate* City Rate* $15.00
7/1/2028 City Rate* City Rate* City Rate*

*No later than September 1 of each year, beginning in 2022, the director shall determine the increase in the minimum wage rates to be paid by the City of Saint Paul and macro businesses based on the percentage increase calculated by the Commissioner of Labor and Industry pursuant to Minnesota Statute Section 177.24, subdivision 1 (f) and applicable to the State of Minnesota minimum wage divided by two (2) in 2022 and based on the full percentage increase in each subsequent year rounded to the nearest cent. The director shall announce the adjusted minimum wage rates on September 1 of each year and the new minimum wage rates for City of Saint Paul employees and macro businesses determined under this subsection take effect on January 1 of each subsequent year, beginning in 2023 (224.03(B)(3). 

Youth Training and Employment 

If you train or employ youth workers, you may be subject to a lower minimum wage rate for qualifying workers.

Youth Training 

If you employ youth workers under the age of twenty (20) years in a city-approved youth-focused training or apprenticeship programs, the minimum wage rate cannot be less than eighty-five (85) percent of the city minimum wage for small employers rounded up to the nearest nickel. 

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Youth Employment

Employees who are fourteen (14)—seventeen (17) years of age must be paid not less than eighty-five (85) percent of the city minimum wage for small employers and rounded to the nearest nickel during their first ninety (90) days after the date of hire. After more than ninety (90) days after the date of hire, employees who are fourteen (14)—seventeen (17) years of age shall be paid the applicable city minimum wage

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