Project Updates

The City and Conservancy are working with a James Corner Field Operations and consultants to complete schematic design for the River Balcony. Schematic design includes site analysis, exploring design concepts, providing a general overview of the River Balcony’s basic features and programming, and getting a general idea of the look and feel of the project. Following schematic design, the City and Conservancy will finalize partner roles and responsibilities, determine and secure funding, and eventually release a request for proposals to construct the River Balcony. Further design will be required to advance important aspects of the project such as material selection, more detailed technical drawings, dimensions, etc. and to prepare the project for construction.

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Project Overview

The River Balcony is a 1.5-mile promenade that extends along downtown Saint Paul’s signature Mississippi River bluff and down to the river. The River Balcony transforms urban infrastructure into public space that connects parks, civic landmarks, and private development along Kellogg Boulevard. 

The project was initially proposed in the Great River Passage Master Plan and later outlined in the 2017 City Council approved River Balcony Master Plan.

The promenade will serve as a catalyst for real-estate development, and raise visitor attendance to what has historically been the edge of downtown Saint Paul. The project will draw on multiple disciplines, including urban design and landscape architecture, to create a civic attraction that capitalizes on the views of and connections to the Mississippi River and become an international example of the highest quality sustainable design for a year-round urban experience. 

Project Goals

  • Create an authentic, signature project the length of the Saint Paul’s downtown river bluff 
  • Connect the city, residents, and visitors to and along the river bluff and down to the River 
  • Activate the river bluff with centers of activity
  • Reinforce Saint Paul’s identity as the River Capital
  • Engage the community to help shape the schematic design and programming

General Timeline

Sept 2021         Plan Review & Context

Jan 2021          Initial Focus Groups

Feb 2022          Virtual Community Workshop & Survey

Spring 2022      Community Open House   

Summer 2022   Schematic Design reveal & Community Celebration

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Last Edited: March 14, 2022