Note to Proposer: This pre-proposal submittal will be reviewed by Parks and Recreation Managers. A letter of denial or conditional acceptance will be sent to the contact person listed. If conditional acceptance is given, detailed proposal submittal and possible fees shall be listed in the letter.

Detailed proposal, if requested, will include at minimum:

  1. Detailed site plan showing proposed work and the surrounding site. Show existing conditions and utilities, and proposed removals.
  2. Detailed layout of proposed work, including dimensions to reference points and property lines, and elevation controls.
  3. Details of proposed work, including representative typical details or sections, dimensions, foundations, and utility connections.
  4. Concepts of grading and drainage.
  5. Temporary and permanent erosion controls.
  6. Contractor, if known, and proposer representative in charge of construction.
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Last Edited: January 4, 2021