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Project Overview

Point Douglas Trail is located in the southeast region of City of Saint Paul running along Highway 61 from Burns Avenue to Bailey Road. It is mainly used for walking and biking. The purpose of the project is to prepare a master plan for future Point Douglas Regional Trail which includes community engagement, assessing trail feasibility, and engineering testing.

Funding has been secured from the Parks and Trails Legacy Grant.

Public Engagement

City Council Approval: February 8, 2022

Parks and Recreation Commission: October 14, 2021
Parks and Recreation Commission (Commission) reviewed and adopted the Point Douglas Master Plan. The Commission confirmed that Parks and Recreation can seek approval from Saint Paul City Council and Metropolitan Council.

Southeast Community Organization Board Meeting: Jan 25, 2021
Parks and Recreation presented the draft master plan to the Southeast Community Organization Board. The Board provided a letter of support for the project. 

Virtual Presentation #2: Released Dec 30, 2020
Parks and Recreation has released the second of two online presentations for the Point Douglas Regional Trail master Plan, and we need your input! In lieu of an in-person meeting, Parks and Recreation has created a narrated presentation to receive feedback about the preliminary trail alignments. The proposed alignments were selected based upon recommendations from the community, the design advisory team, and from preliminary engineering. Please watch the below video which describes the project and explains each of the proposed alignments. After watching the video or viewing the attached presentation slides, please provide comments about the trail location, features you'd like to see along the trail, or features that would encourage you to use the trail. Comments can be emailed to or by calling 651-266-6420. Your comments will help to develop the preferred trail alignment and they will be made public at the end of the comment period.

Virtual Presentation #1: Released October 9, 2020
Parks and Recreation is restarting the Point Douglas Regional Trail community engagement process and we need your input! In lieu of an in-person meeting, Parks and Rec created a narrated presentation (link below) and interactive map (link below) to receive feedback about the existing corridor. Please watch the video which describes the project, discusses existing conditions, and explains how to navigate the interactive map. After watching the video or viewing the presentation slides, please provide comments about the opportunities and constraints of the corridor by using the interactive map or emailing by October 31.
This information will help to develop the future preliminary trail alignment.

Community Open House:  Tuesday March 24, 2020 POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
The City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation has secured Legacy funding to prepare a master plan for a future regional trail along Point Douglas Road between Burns Ave and Bailey Rd. Please join us March 24th (POSTPONED) for an open house at the Battle Creek Recreation Center (75 Winthrop St S) from 6:00-7:00pm to review the project timeline and evaluate opportunities and constraints along the corridor. Please let me know of any specific community leaders, neighborhood groups, business associations, cultural groups or other stakeholders we should engage as we move forward with the planning of this project. In conjunction with this email, we will send a postcard to the residents along Point Douglas advertising the open house.

Tentative Schedule

Mar         Release Survey & Project Kickoff
Oct         Release Presentation #1 – Opportunity & Constraints (online)
Nov        Transportation Committee Review
Dec        Release Presentation #2 – Draft Trail Alignment (online)           
Jan         Southeast Community Organization Presentation
Mar         Parks and Rec Youth Commission Presentation
Oct         Parks and Rec Commission & Transportation Committee Approval
Jan         Release Draft Master Plan Document (online)
Jan         Final Master Plan Document
Jan         St Paul City Council Approval
Feb         Met Council Approval


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Last Edited: October 18, 2022