Tree Stewards

The City of Saint Paul has partnered with the University of Minnesota Forest Resources Department through their Tree Care Advocate program to develop the Tree Stewards program. Tree Stewards are community members, educated in tree pruning, planting, and general care techniques, who volunteer at events aimed to preserve, protect, and enhance our urban forest.  This program includes annual workshops to educate program members in all aspects of tree care, including pruning, planting, watering, identification, and health monitoring as well as pruning and planting events across Saint Paul.  Members who attend the training workshops and the many events held throughout the city are encouraged to take that knowledge back to their own neighborhoods to take care of our collective urban forest resource.

Click here to visit the UMN Tree Care Advocate homepage - there you will find more information about other tree care programs and groups, informational resources, and be able to log any education or volunteer hours.

Contact Leland Hatcher at with any questions or comments.


A friend in a neighborhood in which we had worked commented on how good the boulevard trees looked after they had been properly pruned.  She thought the volunteers were very courteous and appeared to be a fun group.”

- Cathy H.

“The Tree Steward program plays a modest but meaningful role in helping the city make good on its responsibility to provide trees, green space, shade, beauty, and a healthy and safe environment for all of us.”

- Dan & Jenny K.

“Over the five years that I have been a volunteer tree pruner in Saint Paul, I have been able to…observe the effect of continuing tree maintenance...I have regularly received thanks and questions from residents and passers by.”

- Ray P.

“I enjoy volunteering. I love to prune… I’ve appreciated working monthly alongside a consistent group of volunteers from throughout the city, as well as being guided by the knowledgeable staff from the Urban Forestry Dept of St Paul Parks and Rec!”

–Dan H.

“Through this program, I've been educated on the proper care and pruning methods of young trees, bonded with like-minded St. Paulites, and contributed to the strength of our urban forest through volunteering.  “

- Kirby P.

Last Edited: February 15, 2024