Film and Photo Permit Information

  • A permit is required for all commercial film/video taping and still photography conducted on all property maintained by Saint Paul Parks and Recreation in Saint Paul. Permits are issued by the Parks Permit Office under the authority of Section 170.04 of the Code of Ordinances and Chapter 2, Section 3, Item B of the Rules and Regulations for Saint Paul Parks.
  • A permit is not required for non-commercial filming/photography conducted solely for personal or family use or for news purposes, unless if filming/photography is impeding access to public property or if filming/photography is conducted at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory.
  • Liability insurance is required with the City of Saint Paul listed as additional insured for all commercial film/photo shoots. Insurance Certificates must be submitted to Saint Paul Parks and Recreation at least 7 days prior to the event. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the event.
  • Organizations claiming tax exempt status must submit a completed ST3 form prior to requesting a permit (this tax exempt number must be issued by the State of MN and not by the IRS Department of Treasury).
  • Permit holders are responsible for adhering to all Rules and Regulations for Saint Paul parks and complying with the City's Ordinances. Failure to comply with the terms of your permit may result in the revocation of the permit and/or the inability to obtain future permits.
  • A permit is required for each day you shoot photography/film and the permit holder is required to have a copy of the permit on location during the entire time of shoot.
  • Permit holders are responsible for cleaning up the site of the shoot and ensuring that the area is returned to its original condition. Work and repair costs done to the site due to damage will be assessed to the permit holder.
  • Fees listed below may vary if additional services and/or other expenses are required. Examples include public safety personnel, meter hooding, barricades or road closures, facility rentals, or assistance from other city departments. Individual department fees will be assessed accordingly.
  • A cancelation processing fee will be charged, as per the Department’s Refund Policy, on all film/photo shoots which are canceled. The rest of the permit fee is refundable. If a permit is issued within 48 hours of the film/photo shoot, and the shoot is canceled, the permit fee is not refundable.
  • Applications for filming and commercial photo shoots will not be considered if not received at least 10 days prior to the intended shoot.
  • Any change to the original permit date, location, time, etc. will be assessed a change fee.

Permit Applications and Handouts

Last Edited: February 2, 2023