chapel site sculpture

Artist Name: Cliff Garten 
Media: Brick Plaza, wood and concrete pergola, bronze sculptures, stone plaques lined with trees and grass.
Date Created: 1/1/1991
Location: Kellogg Mall Park
History: Shortly after the establishment of Public Art Saint Paul, Cliff Garten, in collaboration with city landscape architects Tim Agness and Jody Martinez, began re-designing Kellogg Mall Park, originally established in 1931.  The sculptures illustrate Father Galtier’s Chapel of 1841, the site upon which Saint Paul was founded, as well as Cass Gilbert’s intended link between the State Capitol and the River along Cedar Street.  

Garten received his Master of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design.  He received his Masters of Landscape Architecture from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where, among other places, he also worked as a visiting critic. 

Last Edited: December 17, 2020