Right Track: Cultivating Saint Paul’s future workforce

For your company to stay relevant, it needs a workforce of the future.
Since 2014, the City of Saint Paul’s Right Track program has connected this workforce of the future to hundreds of organizations, government agencies and businesses through internships and professional development opportunities.

Saint Paul youth are talented, diverse and full of fresh, original ideas. Between their unique perspectives and energy, this up-and-coming generation is sure to take your business to the next level. 
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About Right Track

Right Track is a youth mentorship and employment program led by the City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department. We work with employers like you to host interns, pay for wages, and provide training and enrichment opportunities. 

Right Track offers six- to nine-week internships for young people through two different programs: Saint Paul Youth Jobs One (YJ1) and Youth Jobs Two (YJ2). We are always looking for new employers to host interns for both programs.  

YJ1: Building foundational job skills
Youth Jobs One focuses on supporting young people ages 14-19 who are looking to build their foundational job skills, helping them secure their first or second work opportunity to practice workplace basics. YJ1 primarily provides city-subsidized summer jobs in parks, libraries and nonprofits. You can learn more about YJ1 here.  

YJ2: Career exploration
Youth Jobs Two focuses on building on those foundational skills by providing paid internships to young people ages 16-21 at organizations and businesses of all kinds, from U.S. Bank to the State of Minnesota. YJ2 internships generally include more project-based work. You can learn more about YJ2 here.  

Need support on where to start?

Right Track can help your business tap into the bright workforce of the future – today. Contact Shaina Abraham at Shaina.Abraham@ci.stpaul.mn.us

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Last Edited: January 30, 2023