Rentals and Reservations

About Harriet Island Rentals & Reservations

The Harriet Island Event Office oversees rentals and reservations for several beautiful locations on and alongside the Mississippi River. These locations include Harriet Island Regional Park, Raspberry Island Regional Park, Upper Landing Park, and Kelley's Landing. See below for specifics on how to reserve space for your event.

1) Check Availability

Call the Harriet Island Event Office to see if a date is available for your event. In addition, those interested in reserving space at Harriet Island Clarence Wigington Pavilion can view the availability calendars below. Keep in mind that when large events are scheduled at Harriet Island Regional Park, reservations will not be entertained at the remaining three locations.



2) Take a Tour

Open Tours will resume in September 2016, please stay tuned for dates.

3) Fill Out a Rental Application

The following rental applications are to be used for small events. Small events at Harriet Island will have no more than 500 guests. Small events at all other locations will have no more than 250 guests. Public events at Harriet Island Regional Park and all large events will require a Large Event Grounds Permit that can be acquired through the Harriet Island Event Office.

Harriet Island Permit Applications

Raspberry Island Permit Application

Upper Landing Park Permit Application

Kelly's Landing Park Permit Application

*Applications are only valid for private events. For public or large events call the Harriet Island Event Office for an event proposal form. Saint Paul residents may reserve a date up to 13 months in advance (for Wigington Pavilion only). Non-residents may reserve a date up to 12 months in advance (for Wigington Pavilion only). Rental rates are listed in the permit applications above.  Rental rates, service fees, and insurance limits are subject to increase without notice depending on event details.

4) Submit a Rental Application

Reservations can be made through one of the three methods below:

  • Make a payment over the phone with your credit card by calling the Harriet Island Event Office. Rental applications must be delivered to the Harriet Island Event Office via fax, snail mail, or email prior to calling in the payment.
  • Mail a completed permit application, along with payment by check, to the Harriet Island Event Office (see below for address).
  • Visit the the Harriet Island Event Office to secure a reservation, by appointment only.
    • In-person reservations for Harriet Island Wigington Pavilion will only be taken on the first business day of the month at the Parks Permit Office (1100 North Hamline Ave, Saint Paul MN, 55108) between the hours of 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and will take precedence over other methods completed on the same day. The permit holder must be present to prove residency on the first business day.  Residency is proven by a valid Driver's License.

5) Read Additional Information

Information about floor plans, catering, alcohol licensing, ceremony rehearsals, decorating, quantities and sizes of tables and chairs, and final meetings can be found in the documents below.