For any property that is listed on the National Registers of Historic Places or Minnesota State Register of Historic PlacesMinnesota Statutes 116D.04 and Minnesota Rule 4410.4300 Subp. 31 mandates that demolition in whole or part must be reviewed prior to commencement of work. 

In Saint Paul the Department of Planning and Economic Development (PED) is the recognized ‘Responsible Government Unit (RGU)’ by the State of Minnesota and oversees the process for review. Review is a two-step process.


The proposed work is reviewed to determine if it meets the threshold of destruction or partial destruction. A Environmental Assessment Worksheet (EAW) / Request for Determination of Threshold must be submitted to staff for review.

Proposal types that generally meet the threshold of destruction include:

  • Demolition of any structure built on or before 1930 in the State or National Hill Districts
  • Removal of more than 60% of the overall envelope of the structure

Proposal types that generally DO NOT meet threshold include:

  • Reconstruction of historic features supported through physical or documented evidence
  • Structures built after 1930 in the State or National Hill Districts
  • Removal of siding, windows, roofing, decks, signage, mechanical, skylights, solar, post 1930 additions, secondary elevation porches or secondary elevation bays

For staff to review the threshold, you must submit the following:

  • Request for Determination of Threshold application
  • Photographs of all elevations
  • Documentation supporting date of construction of the affected property
  • Plans of the proposed project showing areas of demolition
  • Calculation of percentage of demolition as compared to overall structure

If staff determines the proposal does not meet threshold, you will be notified and may continue the permitting process with the Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI).

If staff determines the proposal meets the threshold, you will be notified.


Last Edited: August 22, 2022