Historic Properties EAW Requirement

Why might an EAW be required for my property?

Minnesota law requires that an EAW (environmental assessment worksheet) be completed before the City may issue any permits for the destruction, in whole or part, and the moving of certain historic properties. This requirement applies to properties which are listed on the State and/or National Registers of Historic Places. Listed properties may include individual sites, districts (grouping of properties), objects and even landscapes. The mandatory EAW requirement applies to approximately 1,800 properties in Saint Paul, primarily located in the State and National Register Hill Historic Districts.

If your property is located within one or both of the State and National Register districts, a mandatory EAW would NOT be required if:

  1. The project requires review by the Saint Paul Heritage Preservation Commission or under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 OR
  2. The property within a district is listed as "noncontributing" in the official district designation or there is a formal determination by the State Historic Preservation Office that the property is noncontributing.

If you inquired about potential demolition (in whole or in part) or moving a property or applied for a permit and were notified by the Department of Safety and Inspections that the EAW requirement may apply to your property, please see the section of this page (below) titled "What Do I Do?" for information on how to proceed with your project. For the specific state laws please refer to: Minnesota Statutes 116D.04 and Minnesota Rule 4410.4300 Subp. 31

Is My Property in a State or National Register Historic District?

Please see the map and/or list of addresses below in order to determine if a property falls within a State and/or National Register Historic District or individual site.

*This data includes State and National Register properties for the Hill Historic Districts. Other sites throughout the City are currently being verified. You may also access the Minnesota Historical Society website to find National Register Properties throughout the state.

What Do I Do?

Step 1: The first step is to determine whether or not your property is listed "contributing" or "noncontributing" to a state or national historic district. This determination can only be made by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) at the request of the City of Saint Paul. Please contact contact Allison Suhan (or 651-266-6643) for instructions on how to initiate a request.

Step 2: Proceed to this step once SHPO has provided you and the City of Saint Paul with a written determination of the status of your property. If your property has been determined by SHPO to be "noncontributing", the EAW requirement does not apply, and you may proceed with your project and obtain any necessary city permits.

If your property has been determined by SHPO to be "contributing", there are two options to consider. Both options will require an evaluation of your property by a qualified historic preservation professional.

Option one is to complete an EAW. The EAW process will include an evaluation of the property by a qualified historic preservation professional and recommendations of what, if any, form of mitigation may be needed if the property is ultimately demolished. To complete the EAW process, the City must determine that all potential environmental effects of your proposed project are understood and that adequate mitigation for any effects has been identified. Once the EAW process has been completed, the City may issue permits for the work. Please be advised that the EAW process, including the evaluation of your property, will likely take two months or more. For more details on the EAW process, or for assistance in initiating an EAW, please contact Josh Williams (or 651-266-6659) for assistance in initiating this process.

Option two is to challenge the "contributing" determination made by SHPO. If SHPO determines upon further review that your property is "noncontributing" the EAW requirement does not apply. If SHPO still determines your property to be "contributing" upon further review, you may appeal SHPO’s determination to the Keeper of the National Register, a federal entity. Please contact Christine Boulware at 651-266-6715 or Allison Suhan at 651-266-6643 for assistance in initiating this process.