Ford Site: A 21st Century Community

As Ford's former Twin Cities Assembly Plant is redeveloped in the coming years, a 21st Century Community will emerge on the 135 acres of land situated along the Mississippi River. The vision for the site is a connected, livable, mixed-use neighborhood that looks to the future with clean technologies and high quality design for energy, buildings and infrastructure. This site will be woven into the existing community, and support walking, biking and transit, and provide services, jobs and activities that every generation can enjoy. A 21st Century Community is about to unfold.

Over the past decade, we have heard thousands of ideas from community members for how to bring the site to life. Many of these suggestions have been incorporated into the Ford Site Zoning and Public Realm Master Plan, which calls for a vibrant mixed-use urban village to be integrated into the existing community. Learn more about the plan by watching this short video, navigating through the sections below or download the Master Plan Executive Summary.

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