Project Overview

The former “Ford Site” is now branded “Highland Bridge” and includes 122 acres along the Mississippi River and was the former home of Ford Motor Companies Twin Cities Assembly Plant.  Within those 122 acres, four city-owned parks comprising approximately 9 acres, have been platted and designed.  In addition to the four city-owned parks, there will be privately owned spaces available for public use.

Construction Updates

Construction of Assembly Union Park is well underway. The park, which includes 3 pickleball courts, one basketball court, a large play area with poured in place surfacing, a dog relief area (not off leash dog park), picnic tables and benches will be open by Spring 2023.

Construction of Gateway Park is now complete. The park includes a skate trail, skate bowl, stormwater basins, a storm pond, connections to MRB trail, walking paths and seating.

Uŋči Makhá Park is complete. The park features include a large stormwater channel, a dog park, 2 sand volleyball courts, an adult fitness area, picnic shelter, tables and seating. In addition, the extension of the daylighted stormwater channel south from Uŋči Makhá Park is also being constructed and will be completed soon after the park.  This project is referred to as Mississippi Boulevard Crossing with the bridging of Mississippi River Boulevard and the trail over the daylighted creek channel.  

Míča Park is currently on hold as the adjacent CP Rail site is being considered for development by University of St. Thomas.  The plans for that site may require that the park is shifted.

Parks Naming

City Council approved names for the four parks at Highland Bridge. See the press release (pdf) for more details. 

Gateway Park reflects the importance of this entry point to the city and to the neighborhood, and also references a gateway in time bridging the past to the future

Assembly Union Park recognizes the site's industrial history and the Ford Motor Company workforce as contributing members of the surrounding communities

Uŋči Makhà Park means “Grandmother Earth” in Dakota. The park includes geography and features that connect people from the developed site to more natural areas including access to Hidden Falls Regional Park. The park links the stormwater system from the neighborhood into the daylighted creek to the falls.

Míča Park reflects both Indigenous Recognition and Local Wildlife. There is a history of coyote families at the Highland Bridge site that come up from the rail site through this area. Míča is the abbreviation for “coyote” in Dakota.


Open House May 2021

Last Edited: October 6, 2022