Right Track Youth

Right Track is Mayor Carter and the City of Saint Paul’s youth employment initiative for building a diverse future workforce, while supporting young people and their families now.  Right Track engages nearly 1,000 young people from cost-burdened homes throughout Saint Paul in a variety of internships.  

Right Track was launched in 2014 by the City of Saint Paul in collaboration with Saint Paul Public Schools and the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce to establish a pipeline of career development opportunities for Saint Paul youth. 

Right Track operates out of the City of Saint Paul Department of Parks and Recreation, building on the department's long history of providing youth development and employment opportunities for Saint Paul youth. 

Cover of Right Track's 2023 Impact Report

2023 Right Track Impact Report

Contact Right Track at (651) 266-6363 or RightTrack@ci.stpaul.mn.us

Last Edited: March 21, 2024