About Uŋčí Makhá Park

Uŋčí Makhá Park is located within the Highland Bridge development. Uŋčí Makhá (pronounced Oon-CHEE ma-KAH) translates to “Grandmother Earth” in Dakota. The name was recommended by Dakota community members and represents the significance of the water within Uŋči Makhá Park flowing through the creek into nearby Bdote, a sacred site central to the Dakota creation story. Prior to its restoration, the creek leading to Hidden Falls had been routed underground through a storm sewer in preparation for construction of the Twin Cities Assembly Plant around a century ago. The newly daylighted creek now flows through a bedrock ravine that serves as a unique place to explore during drier periods and is designed to flood with stormwater during rain events.


  • Dog park
  • nature based playground
  • (2) beach volleyball courts
  • hammock grove
  • fitness lot
  • (2) picnic shelters