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The Transportation Committee will meet as needed on 2018 Meetings Dates. Meetings will be canceled if there is not a quorum expected, or if there are no agenda items. Meetings are generally held on certain Mondays from 4:30 - 6:00 p.m., in the City Hall Annex, 25 West 4th Street, 13th floor conference room. The Transportation Committee is staffed by Bill Dermody. If you would like to receive meeting agendas via email, please email

Date Agenda and Materials
January 14, 2019 TC packet 01/14/19
February 11, 2019 TC packet 02/11/19
February 25, 2019 TC packet 02/25/19
March 11, 2019 TC packet 03/11/19
March 25, 2019 TC packet 03/25/19
April 8, 2019 TC packet 04/08/19
April 22, 2019 TC packet 04/22/19
May 20, 2019 TC packet 05/20/19
June 3, 2019 TC packet 06/03/19
June 17, 2019 TC packet 06/17/19
July 15, 2019 TC packet 07/15/19
July 29, 2019  
August 12, 2019  
August 26, 2019  
September 9, 2019  
September 23, 2019  
October 7, 2019  
October 21, 2019  
November 4, 2019  
November 18, 2019  
December 2, 2019  
December 16, 2019  
December 30, 2019  

2018 Transportation Committee Meetings

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Staff Resources

If you are a staff person looking to bring an item to the committee, please reference the following resources.


At the direction of the Mayor and City Council, the Planning Commission established a Transportation Committee in 2010. The Transportation Committee advises the Planning Commission on transportation-related plans, policies, and projects.

About the Committee

The Transportation Committee advises the Planning Commission on transportation planning and project decisions, and creates a transparent public forum for such discussions. The committee’s work helps the Planning Commission better integrate land use and transportation decisions as they relate to zoning, neighborhood and comprehensive planning, and infrastructure investments. The Committee has been asked to:

  • Implement policies and projects from the recently updated Transportation Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan. Review transportation-related zoning amendments/studies, guide new modal plans, and oversee the work of any transportation issue task forces that may be convened.
  • Review proposals on large or complex Public Works projects.
  • Assist in the review of land use recommendations in neighborhood and small area plans to ensure they are consistent with goals to expand multi-modal transportation options, and that any transportation recommendations are consistent with citywide plans and existing systems.
  • Advise, where needed, on site plans or development concepts to ensure true transportation options.
  • Review planning or design documents for consistency with “Complete Streets” approach and Universal Design guidelines.
  • Engage in regional/interagency projects. Coordinate with the regional and federal governments in transportation planning, and provide guidance for priorities on funding opportunities.


The Transportation Committee consists of four Planning Commissioners, and up to eight additional community members, including people who represent the following areas of interest, or multiple interests:

  • Transit, including bus and passenger rail
  • Pedestrian/walkability issues
  • Bicyclists
  • Freight and logistics industry, including trucking, rail operations, and airports
  • Accessibility representatives or persons with disabilities
  • Representatives of commercial corridors (i.e., small business owners)
  • Downtown or business representatives.

The non-Planning Commission members are appointed by the chair of the Planning Commission. Committee members must live or work in Saint Paul and will be appointed for a term of 3 years. The Transportation Committee currently includes the following members:

  • Jim Barton
  • Kevin Gallatin
  • Martín Hernandez
  • ​Taqee Khaled*
  • Bill Lindeke, Chair *
  • Chris Ochs*
  • Sarah Rudolf
  • Eric Saathoff
  • Heidi Schallberg
  • Sara Dunlap
  • Jessica Treat
  • Wendy Underwood*

*Planning Commissioner

Current Projects and Partnerships