5-Year Capital Improvement Program

In 2016 the Department of Public Works developed a 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan.  This is mainly a data driven plan that prioritizes our street reconstruction, rehabilitation and resurfacing projects over the next 5 years.

The approved 2018 5-year Capital Improvement Plan, as well as projects planned for 2019-2022, are proposed by the Department of Public Works to be reviewed and adopted annually by City Council for funding. All information provided for 2019-2022 is preliminary and subject to change.

List of data and parameters considered when developing the 5-Year capital plan:

  • Pavement Condition Index (PCI)
  • Traffic Volumes
  • Maintenance History (Demand and Cost)
  • Age of the Roadway
  • Identified in a Small Area Plan
  • Planned Bicycle Facilities
  • Safety Concerns
  • Utility Work needing to be done (Xcel, Water, Gas, District Energy)
  • Other Infrastructure Already In-Place (ie. Curb, Street Lighting)

Having a 5-Year Capital Plan is a best practice in many local, county and state governments.  The 5-Year Capital Plan will result in better coordination, planning and will provide a clear understanding of the scope, timeline and implementation for projects.

Key elements of the 5-Year Capital Plan:

  • Updated and Approved Annually
  • Identifies Year for Project Work
  • Ensures Capital Construction Citywide

Expected Results:

  • Improved communications with the public on what streets will be improved and how we are improving them
  • Better coordination and planning amongst all stakeholders resulting in a more thorough and comprehensive design


Upcoming street construction projects