Officers face unique threats and stresses that have a direct impact on their safety and well-being. But we know that despite these unique challenges, healthy officers are essential to a healthy department. The Saint Paul Police Department will provide to the maximum extent possible equipment and support to keep officers safe under threat. The department will also support officer wellness through physical, social, and mental health initiatives.


21st Century Policing Recommendations

Report Recommendation 6.1


The U.S. Department of Justice should enhance and further promote its multi-faceted officer safety and wellness initiative.

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Report Recommendation 6.2


Promote officer safety and wellness. View Recommendation

Report Recommendation 6.3


The U.S. Department of Justice should encourage and assist departments in the implementation of scientifically supported shift lengths by law enforcement.

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Report Recommendation 6.4


Every law enforcement officer should be provided with individual tactical first aid kits and training as well as anti-ballistic vests.

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Report Recommendation 6.5


The U.S. Department of Justice should expand efforts to collect and analyze data not only on officer deaths but also on injuries and “near misses.”

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Report Recommendation 6.6


Adopt policies that require officers to wear seat belts and bullet-proof vests and provide training to raise awareness of the consequences of failure to do so.

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Report Recommendation 6.7


Congress should enact peer review error management legislation.

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Report Recommendation 6.8


The U.S. Department of Transportation should provide technical assistance opportunities for departments to explore the use of vehicles equipped with vehicle collision prevention “smart car” technology that will reduce the number of accidents.

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Last Edited: March 20, 2017