Family & Sexual Violence Unit

The Saint Paul Police Department's Family and Sexual Violence Unit (FSVU) investigates sexual assaults and domestic related crimes as well as monitors predatory offenders. The Department's philosophy is that every victim is worth fighting for and every abuser should be held accountable. The SPPD is committed to aggressive enforcement, follow-up investigations and access to intervention services for victims and their families. In 2010, the Department assigned an investigator full-time to work on cases involving elder abuse as those particular crimes have increased in recent years. The Department works to reduce domestic violence through several comprehensive prevention and intervention efforts, such as The Blueprint for Safety and FLARE (First Light, Accountability, Response and Enforcement). The SPPD also partners with Bridges to Safety, a domestic violence service center that houses a variety of agencies under one roof, including advocacy programs, community organizations and government agencies. Sexual Violence Unit is under the command of Commander Jim Falkowski. The Family and Domestic Violence Unit is under the command of Commander Jesse Mollner. For general information contact the Family Violence Unit at 651-266-5676 and the Sex Crimes Unit at 651-266-5685.