Downtown Traffic Signal Enhancements Project

City of Saint Paul ITS Projects

This project aims to improve traffic signal operations and event, incident and emergency management in downtown Saint Paul through the installation of fiber-optic interconnect, new traffic signal controllers, upgrading the City's Advanced Traffic Management System, and the development and installation of optimized traffic signal timings, and the installation of changeable message signs. 

Below is a more detailed overview of the project tasks:

  • Completion of the City’s downtown fiber optic network - Fiber-optics provide a more robust and reliable communications system, capable of delivering video and high definition data, and the City established a goal of installing a city-wide fiber-optic network dedicated to traffic control.
  • Replacement of the remaining legacy 170 traffic signal controllers with advanced traffic controllers - Modern advanced traffic controllers provide great benefits over the City’s previous standard 170 controllers, and meet the City’s needs with regards to high resolution data and the ability to adapt to future conditions.
  • Upgrading the City’s existing Advanced Traffic Management System, Centracs, by adding its Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures module – Actively monitoring signalized intersection performance will allow the City to address problems before they become complaints, and can improve safety by reducing traffic congestion that results from outdated signal timing. The Federal Highway Administration encourages the implementation of automated traffic signal performance measures as cost effective and able to validate operations strategies, including emerging connected vehicle applications.
  • Development and implementation of optimized traffic signal timings - This project will also develop and implement new signal timing plans, as changes to land uses, the transportation network, and clearance intervals have altered traffic patterns and impacted the effectiveness of in place coordination plans.
  • Installation of dynamic message signs - This project proposes to place dynamic message signs in and around downtown to provide information critical to traffic, incident and emergency management strategies.