Smart Storage woman putting food in fridge

Smart Storage: Getting the most from your food

Fresh fruit and vegetables account for the largest percentage of household food waste by weight. 


Storage Cheat Sheet for Produce: Check out these storage tips for ways to keep them fresh longer.

Storage Cheat Sheet for your Fridge: The way you organize your refrigerator and freezer can also impact how long food will last. We’ve created a document with some tips to maximize space, reduce clutter, and decipher confusing expirations dates.

Tips for Saving Bread: Save the Bread! Learn storage tips and recipes to use up the stale bread and end pieces with this infographic.

Video on Understanding Expiration Dates (below): We’ve all be fooled by expiration dates on our food. More than 90% of Americans waste edible food because of confusing expirations dates. Check out the video below on expirations dates.

Last Edited: August 24, 2023