Smart Savings

Week 5: Smart Savings, Eat What You Buy

Like boarding an airplane there is an order to using up items in the refrigerator. Make sure you are aware of what food needs to be eaten first to avoid having it go bad—wasting money and resources.

A good practice to make sure you’re eating the food you’ve purchased is to make a list each week of what needs to be used up first. Then use this list to meal plan and/or create a leftover list to post on the refrigerator, letting your family know what foods to eat up first.  Or designate a section of your refrigerator for leftover storage. We've created signs that you can download and begin using today: Leftover List and Eat Me First Sign

Leftovers, we love them and we hate them. Eating the same thing day after day gets old. To give you some ideas, we have partnered with El Burrito Mercado to create a short cooking segment on using up leftover Pico de Gallo:

 Food Too Good To Waste: El Burrito Mercado Spanish - YouTube

Food Too Good To Waste: El Burrito Mercado English - YouTube

If you are looking for more ways to use leftovers check out Best Leftovers Ever! on Netflix. We’ve also put together some of our Public Works Team’s favorite leftover recipes for you. Follow the links to access recipes:

Reducing the amount of leftovers generated can also help to eliminate food waste.  Eating the same food for a week after a dinner party can get old. Use the Guestimator tool to plan how much food you will need to keep your guests full and happy while also strategically planning to minimize your leftovers. Click to Access the Guestimator

Smart Savings Translations


Leftover List

Eat Me First Sign

Last of the Mustard Vinaigrette

Bacon Grease Suet

Use it Up Frittata

Leftover Tortilla Chip Migas

Pickled Green Beans

Last Edited: November 8, 2021