Come Clean! Programs

The City of Saint Paul offers numerous ways to support residents who want to collect and prevent litter in their neighborhoods. To participate, please complete the Come Clean! Program Application. See below for details.

To help address the ongoing problem of trash and litter in our community, the city is encouraging community members to help clean, beautify, and improve their neighborhoods. Clean neighborhoods benefit everyone!

The Come Clean! Program offers multiple ways to get involved. You supply the time, energy and enthusiasm and we will supply the trash bags, gloves and many, many thanks. Businesses and individuals who Adopt-a-Block can request a window cling or lawn sign in recognition of their efforts. 

Questions? Contact the Come Clean! Coordinator at (651) 266-8866.

Illegal Dumping

If you see items that have been illegally dumped on public property, but you're unable to collect them yourself, report the incident to the Department of Safety and Inspections.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Citywide Spring Cleanup

Each year, hundreds of volunteers gather across Saint Paul for the Citywide Spring Cleanup to pick up garbage that has recently become exposed due to the melting snow. This event is organized by the City of Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department.

Visit their website to learn more about participating!


Storm drains flow directly to local lakes, rivers, and wetlands, acting as a conduit for trash and organic pollutants. Adopt a Drain asks residents to adopt a storm drain in their neighborhood and keep it clear of leaves, trash, and other debris to reduce water pollution.

Visit their website to learn more about participating!

National Connections

Participate in an important community science project!

In Saint Paul, our storm drains flow into the Mississippi River, bringing trash and pollution from our streets along for the ride. As the headwater state, we have a responsibility to keep the river clean for all communities downstream of us. During the Citywide Spring Cleanup, and anytime you pick up trash in the future, using the Marine Debris Tracker will help contribute to science and to the health of the Mississippi River. Select the MRCTI tab to make sure your information makes it to the right place.

Community volunteers of any experience level can help track litter to help scientists, policy-makers, businesses, and community members take informed action. Data that you collect in your neighborhood will be part of the national Mississippi River Plastic Pollution Initiative, the first data snapshot to combat plastic pollution along one of the world’s greatest waterways. (NOTE: Be sure to select the “MRCTI” tab when you open the app for the first time so your data is included in the initiative.)

Last Edited: June 26, 2024