Sidewalk Contractor License

To become an approved City of Saint Paul licensed sidewalk contractor, please work with the Department of Safety and Inspections and the Public Works Sidewalk Division.

Checklist for Becoming an Approved Sidewalk Contractor

Sidewalk Permit Contractor Approval Package

To apply for a license, follow the instructions on the Department of Safety and Inspections webpage.

To take the Public Works Concrete Exam, contact the Sidewalk Division at or 651-266-6120.

Sidewalk Permit Application

To apply for sidewalk permits in the City of Saint Paul, you must currently be an approved City of Saint Paul licensed sidewalk contractor.

If you are an approved City of Saint Paul licensed sidewalk contractor, please complete the Sidewalk Permit Application.

If you have any questions about the Sidewalk Permit Application or how to become a City of Saint Paul licensed sidewalk contractor, please contact the Sidewalk Division at or 651-266-6120.

Sidewalk Permit Application

General Information

  • Concrete work within the public right-of-way may only be done by a licensed contractor obtaining the proper permits from the Public Works Sidewalk Section (Chapter 121 and Chapter 123).
  • Public Works does not allow asphalt to be used in the public right-of-way for driveway aprons or boulevards unless approved by the Director of Public Works.
  • If you are not licensed and would like to be, please contact the Department of Safety and Inspections (D.S.I.) at 651-266-9102 for licensing requirements and fees (Chapter 356).  You will also need to contact the Sidewalk Section at 651-266-6120 for final approval before the license will be formalized.
  • Contractors must submit drawings with quantities to determine permit fee.
  • Refer to the Permit Fee Schedule for permit costs (Fee Schedule).
  • Construction permits will not be issued until a review of the request has been made and all questions/concerns resolved.
  • The Sidewalk Section only accepts cash or checks for payment. The Sidewalk Section does not accept online payments or credit card payments at this time.
  • Work on major and minor arterials may also need a right-of-way permit (Chapter 135) in conjunction with a construction permit. This may consist of lane closures and proper traffic controls. Please contact our Right-of-Way office at 651-266-6151 for additional information.
  • Contractors must call for inspection prior to pouring concrete. Please give the Sidewalk Section a 24-to-48 hour prior notice. The inspector will inspect the site to ensure City of Saint Paul standards are being met.
  • Historic Preservation Districts (Chapter 73) and Parkland Overlay Districts (Chapter 13) will require additional permits and review. The Sidewalk Section will inform you if your work is in one of these districts. Any requirements needed in these districts will need to be satisfied prior to obtaining any concrete permits.
  • During construction, any damage to the street proper must be repaired. Street Maintenance is the only agency that is allowed to do street restoration. Contractors must contact Street Maintenance at 651-266-9700 for these repairs. They will charge the contractor for the work required. Please refer to the Standard Specifications for Street Repairs (Chapter 122 & Chapter 123) for potential costs.
  • Standard Plates (use plates for curbs, curb and gutters, driveways 1300D, 1206D).

Last Edited: September 6, 2023