Saint Paul Streets


 The Saint Paul Streets program -- SPS for short -- has come to Saint Paul’s neighborhoods. This is your guide to neighborhood construction that is changing the look and function of Saint Paul streets. Since 1996, neighborhoods all across Saint Paul have been improved as the City conducts a 20-25 year street construction program, the Saint Paul Streets. About 10-15 miles of unpaved and older paved streets a year will be improved by the City each year.Improvements will include street paving, trees, and lighting. But they don't stop there. Public and private utilities are uniting to work on several persistent neighborhood concerns all at the same time:

  • Saint Paul Regional Water Services is replacing many lead connections and some water mains
  • Public Works is replacing some sanitary sewers
  • Xcel Energy is upgrading its gas facilities
  • Storm water management techniques will be incorporated into the street infrastructure

When all this work is done at the same time, it reduces construction costs -- and disruption for residents. Even so, there are plenty of things residents don’t like about the construction. Things like dust, noise, delays, workers on the boulevard, and temporary inconveniences.