Saint Paul Streets Process

Each contractor schedules work differently, but paving and utility work take an average of 14-weeks. Bad weather and/or unforeseen problems will add to that timeframe. Reconstruction can start as early as April or as late as September.

  1. Water utility begins replacing lead connections
  2. Xcel Energy begins replacing gas mains
  3. Letter/flyers from the City of Saint Paul update residents of construction start 1-week prior
  4. Contractor begins street removal and begins watermain construction 
  5. Storm sewer inlets are built
  6. Gravel base is placed
  7. Concrete curbs are placed
  8. Concrete driveways are poured
  9. Base layer of asphalt is placed
  10. Boulevards are prepped and sodded
  11. Final layer of asphalt is placed
  12. Street lights are installed and activated
  13. Trees are planted as weather permits

Map of Saint Paul Streets Anticipated Reconstruction Projects

Last Edited: April 20, 2023