Dog License


Saint Paul Animal Control (SPAC) sells dog licenses for all dogs residing in Saint Paul.  Residents may choose between purchasing a Lifetime Dog License or an Annual Dog License. Discounts apply if the dog is spayed or neutered, and for owners over 62 years of age. Just fill out an application and provide the required documents and fees, and your dog will be legal in Saint Paul.

Why License your Dog

  1. It's a Free Ride Home: When a licensed dog is found in Saint Paul, Animal Control Officers bring the dog home, so long as the owner is available and doesn't have a history of animal control violations.
  2. Your Pet is More Likely to Get Back Home: Licensed dogs are three times more likely than unlicensed dogs to go home again.
  3. Prompt Veterinary Attention: If your pet is found injured or is lost and needed medication, a dog license makes it more likely that the dog will get proper care right away.
  4. It's the Law: Saint Paul requires dogs to be licensed once the dog is over three (3) months old (Saint Paul Ordinance 200.02).
  5. It Ensures the Dog is Vaccinated Against Rabies: Saint Paul requires dogs to be vaccinated against rabies (Saint Paul Ordinance 199.02).
  6. It Helps other Animals. Dog Licenses help pay for:
    • Sheltering and feeding lost animals with they are at SPAC.
    • Educating the public about responsible pet ownership.
    • Reuniting animals and owners, or finding new homes for animals.

Dog License Types, Requirements, and Fee

The types of Dog Licenses, required documentation, and fees are listed below.  Annual Dog Licenses require that the owner pay an annual renewal fee. Lifetime Dog Licenses are a one time fee, but still require the owner to provide updated information, such as updated rabies vaccination records and changes of address. Dog licenses cannot be transferred from one owner to another. The form is the same for all types of licenses. Just select which type you are purchasing when you fill out the Dog License Application.

License Type License Fee Rabies Vaccination Spay/Neuter Verification Microchip Information Proof of Owner's Age
Annual Licenses: Renewal Fee Invoiced Yearly
Unaltered $57 X      
Altered $11 X X    
Senior (>62) Unaltered $28 X     X
Senior (>62) Altered $5 X X   X
Lifetime Licenses: No Renewal fees; proof of rabies booster must be provided.
LT Unaltered $67 X   X  
LT Altered $34 X X X  
LT Senior (>62) Unaltered $34 X   X X
LT Senior (>62) Altered $18 X X X X

How to Purchase a Saint Paul Dog License

Saint Paul dog licenses can be purchased by mail or in-person at locations throughout Saint Paul.

By Mail: Send a fully completed application, along with the required documentation and fee to:

Saint Paul Animal Control Center
1285 Jessamine Ave., W
Saint Paul, MN 55108

In Person: Walk-in customers are always welcome. Annual and Lifetime Dog Licenses can be purchased at the following Saint Paul Government Offices. Please, leave your dog at home:

Name Address Hours
Saint Paul Animal Control Center 1285 Jessamine Ave., W M-F 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Department of Safety & Inspections 375 Jackson St., Suite 200 M-F 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

Dog Licenses can also be purchased from partner businesses and organizations (annual licenses only). Call first to check hours.

Name Address Phone Number
Animal Ark Thrift & Pet Store 809 7th St., E (651) 772-8983
Arcade Animal Hospital 1144 Arcade St. (651) 772-3459
Como Park Animal Hospital 1014 Dale St., N (651) 487-3255
VCA Feist Animal Hospital 1430 Marshall Ave. (651) 646-7257
Fort Road Animal Clinic 1284 7th St., W (651) 224-4037
Grand Avenue Veterinary Center 1140 Grand Ave. (651) 224-3038
Grand Groomers 956 Grand Ave. (651) 227-1733
Grand Paws 600 Hamline Ave., N (651) 225-4022
Highland Animal Hospital 687 Cleveland Ave., S (651) 432-0913
Larpenteur Animal Hospital 1136 Larpenteur Ave., W (651) 487-3712
Life Care Animal Hospital 1328 White Bear Ave. (651) 774-6063
Maryland Avenue Pet Hospital 96 Maryland Ave., E (651) 489-8011
Petland Pet Store 2123 Old Hudson Rd. (651) 731-0556
Sandy's Professional Dog & Cat Grooming & Boarding 360 Clifton St., S (651) 644-6475
Scenic Hills Animal Hospital 1939 Burns Ave. (651) 925-2861

If your pet-related business or organization would like to sell Saint Paul Dog Licenses, please contact SPAC at (651) 266-1100.

Lost your Tags?

Dogs play hard, and sometimes that means dog license tags go missing. Replacement tags can be purchased for $5 through the mail or in person at the Saint Paul Animal Control Center or Department of Safety and Inspections.


If you have questions, contact our Animal Control office at 651-266-1100, or email the DSI Message Center