In Saint Paul, many types of pets require either a license or a permit. The most common are dogs and chickens; however, pigeons, bees, other traditional farm animals, reptiles and other species also require permits. Licensing your dog or getting a permit for your nontraditional pets means we are all working together for a safe and humane community.

Dog License

Saint Paul Animal Control (SPAC) sells licenses for all dogs residing in Saint Paul. To get a dog license, dogs must be vaccinated against rabies.

Saint Paul offers different types of licenses depending on whether the dog is spayed, neutered, or microchipped, and offers discounts for senior citizens and people receiving means-tested public assistance.

Just fill out the standard Dog License application and provide the required documents and fees, and your dog will be legal in Saint Paul.

Why License your Dog

  1. It's a free ride home: when a licensed dog is found in Saint Paul, Animal Control Officers bring the dog home, provided the owner is available and doesn't have a history of animal control violations.
  2. Your pet is more likely to get back home: licensed dogs are three times more likely than unlicensed dogs to be returned to their home.
  3. Prompt veterinary attention: If your pet is found injured or is lost and requires medication, a dog license makes it more likely that the dog will get proper care right away.
  4. It's the law: Saint Paul requires dogs to be licensed once the dog is over three months old (Saint Paul Ordinance 200.02).
  5. It ensures your dogs are vaccinated against rabies: Saint Paul requires dogs to be vaccinated against rabies (Saint Paul Ordinance 199.02).
  6. It helps other animals by helping to pay for
    • Sheltering and feeding lost animals while they are at SPAC.
    • Educating the public about responsible pet ownership.
    • Reuniting animals and owners or finding new homes for animals.

Dog License Types, Requirements, and Fee

Saint Paul dog owners can choose between purchasing a dog license every year or once for the lifetime of the dog. In either case, the owner must certify that the dog is current on rabies vaccinations and whether the dog is spayed or neutered. Owners that choose the lifetime option must also provide the dog's microchip number (not required for the yearly license).  

Discounted rates are offered for spayed and neutered dogs and for dogs belonging to older adults (owners over 62 years of age).  

Dog Licenses cannot be transferred from one owner to another. Making a false statement about a dog's vaccination status, sterilization status, microchip status, or the age of the owner will result in cancelation of the license and a criminal citation.

 The form is the same for all types of licenses. Just select which type you are purchasing when you fill out the Dog License Application.

Licensing Cost

  • $80 per year                                            

Discounted fees for Spayed and Neutered Dogs

  • $20 per year or
  • $140 for the life of the dog (if microchipped)

Reduced Prices for Spayed and Neutered Dogs owned by Senior Citizens (over 62 years of age) and Persons on Means-tested Public Assistance

  • $10 per year or
  • $70 for the life of the dog (if microchipped)

Residents qualify for reduced-rate licenses if:

  • They are 62 years of age or older
  • They receive:
    • Food Stamps, Medicaid, Free/Reduced School Lunch Program
    • Social Security/Disability
    • Minnesota Care or Medical Assistance
    • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children
    • HUD Section 8 Housing Supplemental Security Income
    • VA Disability
    • Assistance for Needy Families 

Annual fees for Dogs Declared Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous

  • $140 per year (spayed or neutered)
  • $280 per year (not spayed or neutered)

DSI accepts payments:

  • By credit or debit cards using phone or fax (Ph: 651-266-8989; Fax: 651-266-9124)
  • By paper check, credit or debit cards by US mail
  • By cash, check, credit or debit card payments dropped off at the DSI lobby (375 Jackson St., Suite 220), in the drop box

Please note: Credit or debit card transactions are charged a 2.49 percent service fee; the fee displays as a separate charge on your statement.

How to Purchase a Saint Paul Dog License

Saint Paul dog licenses can be purchased by mail or in-person at locations throughout Saint Paul.

By mail: Send a completed application along with the required documentation and fee to:

Saint Paul Animal Control Center
1285 Jessamine Ave. W
Saint Paul, MN 55108

In person: Walk-in customers are welcome. Annual and Lifetime Dog Licenses can be purchased at the following Saint Paul Government Offices. Please, leave your dog at home:

Saint Paul Animal Control Center1285 Jessamine Ave. WM-F 12:30-4:30 pm
Department of Safety & Inspections375 Jackson St., Suite 200M-F 8:00 am-4:00 pm

Lost your Tags?

Dogs can play hard, and sometimes that means dog license tags go missing. Replacement tags can be purchased for $10 through the mail or in person at the Saint Paul Animal Control Center or Department of Safety and Inspections.

Keeping of Animals

Saint Paul requires residents to obtain a permit for certain types of animal ownership. Animals include (but are not limited too): rabbits, sheep, goats, pigs and other hoofed animals, ferrets, chickens and other fowl, bees, and more than three dogs or more than three cats.

Residents keeping chickens should apply for a Backyard Chicken Keeping Permit rather than (or in addition to) a Keeping of Animals Permit. To learn more about backyard chicken-keeping requirements and responsibilities, visit this page.

Animals such as roosters, wolf hybrids, and large cats are absolutely prohibited. For full information about what types of animals require a permit and what types of animals are prohibited, call the Animal Control Center at 651-266-1100.


All Keeping of Animal Permits require an application, petition, and payment. Depending on the type(s) of animals you are applying to keep you may also be required to provide proof of anti-rabies vaccination, proof of Saint Paul dog license(s), a site plan, or other types of permits (for example, building or electrical).

Once the application packet is approved Animal Control Officers will inspect the animals' living area(s) to ensure cleanliness and humane care.

Keeping of Animal Permits are renewed annually, and Animal Control re-inspects all permits on an annual basis.


The initial fee for a Keeping of Animals Permit is $76.  The annual renewal fee is $28.  

Regulations and Applications

For detailed  information regarding Keeping of Animals Permits, click here: Rules and Regulations for Keeping of Animals.

Information regarding beekeeping rules may be accessed here.

The Keeping of Animals Permit may be printed here: Keeping of Animals Application

For more information, contact Animal Control at 651-266-1100 or email the DSI Message Center.

What animals are prohibited?

Other animals, such as roosters, wolf hybrids, and large cats are absolutely prohibited. For full information about what types of animals require a permit and what types of animals are prohibited, call the Animal Control Center at (651) 266-1100.

Last Edited: November 14, 2023