Saint Paul requires residents to obtain a permit for certain types of animal ownership. These types of animals include (but are not limited too): rabbits, sheep, goats, pigs, and other hoofed animals, ferrets, chickens and other fowl, bees, and more than three dogs or more than three cats. Other animals, such as roosters, wolf hybrids, and large cats are absolutely prohibited. For full information about what types of animals require a permit and what types of animals are prohibited, call the Animal Control Center at (651) 266-1100.

Residents keeping chickens should apply for a Backyard Chicken Keeping Permit rather than (or in addition to) a Keeping of Animals Permit.


All Keeping of Animal Permits require: application, petition, and payment. Depending on the type(s) of animals you are applying to keep you may also be required to provide: proof of anti-rabies vaccination, proof of Saint Paul dog license(s), a site plan, or other types of permits (for example, building or electrical), which may need review by DSI Plan Examiners and/or Zoning staff.

Once the application packet is approved Animal Control Officers will inspect the animals' living area(s) to ensure cleanliness and humane care.

Keeping of Animal Permits are renewed annually and Animal Control re-inspects all permits on an annual basis.


The initial fee for a Keeping of Animals Permit is $76.  The annual renewal fee is $28.  


Regulations and Application

For full information regarding Keeping of Animals Permits, click here: Rules and Regulations for Keeping of Animals.

For information regarding beekeeping rules, click here: Beekeeping Regulations.

The Keeping of Animals Permit application may be printed here: Keeping of Animals Application

For more information, contact Animal Control at 651-266-1100 or email the DSI Message Center.

Last Edited: September 2, 2021