Starting May 1, 2023, the City of Saint Paul will require a separate radon plumbing permit for radon mitigation systems installed in new residential structures. There is no radon testing requirement for existing structures.

No permit is required for radon mitigation systems in existing residential structures.

Contractors may apply for the permits by fax, by mail or in person.

Radon Mitigation Permit Application


The fee shall be one percent of the total valuation of the work per dwelling unit. Value of the work must include the cost of installation including all labor, materials, and equipment necessary for installation. The minimum fee shall be $150.00 per system. State surcharge is applicable. See below.  

The state surcharge fee is based on the valuation of the job: $1.00 to $1,000.00 is $0.50. 
$1,001.00 and up is 0.0005 times the value of the job.

Information on New and Existing Structures

For more information about installing radon systems in new residential structures, please refer to the Section 1303.2400 of the 2020 Minnesota Provisions to the Minnesota State Building Code  or review the Minnesota department of Labor and Industry Fact Sheet

For more information and guidance on installing radon mitigation systems in existing homes, you may visit the Minnesota Department of Health's Radon Mitigation page, which covers several relevant topics for consumers, including system appearance, operation, and requesting a free inspection. You may also visit the Find a Radon Mitigation Professional page to learn how to locate a professional and what questions to ask them. 

Last Edited: May 1, 2023