General Information

Zoning for the Minnesota State Capitol and its surroundings are under the jurisdiction of the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board(CAAPB). The CAAPB regulates the kind, character, height and location of buildings and other structures constructed or used, the size of yards and open spaces, the percentage of lots that may be occupied, the uses of land, buildings and other structures within the Area; and establishes rules and regulations for the erection of signs within the boundaries of the Capitol Area. Before Saint Paul can issue any building permit for new construction, additions or major renovations in the Capitol Area, approval must be obtained from the CAAPB. Within the Capitol Area, Saint Paul does not review projects for zoning. However, Saint Paul does review site plans for multi-family residential and commercial projects to ensure that they are compatible with public infrastructure: streets, sidewalks, sewers and water lines, etc. (See Site Plan Review.)


Learn more about the Capitol Area Architectural and Planning Board (CAAPB), see their website. For information about construction plans and permits for Saint Paul, see the General Building Permits page.

Last Edited: December 18, 2021