Site Plan Review


A site plan must be submitted and approved before permits will be issued for any new construction projects, additions, parking lots, and major grading, except for most one and two-family dwellings. A site plan is a drawing of the property showing the key elements such as buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, grading, storm water drainage utilities, fences, and lighting. Most site plans are reviewed at a staff level and do not require a public hearing.


About two weeks after submitting the site plan, the applicant meets with Site Plan Review Committee which is made up of staff from various departments, including sewers, water, traffic, zoning, and fire. At the end of the meeting, staff either approves the plan, denies it or approves it subject to the applicant making revisions. If revisions are required, the applicant may resubmit a revised plan. The review of the revised site plan normally takes one week or less. A performance bond, letter of credit, or cash escrow may be required to assure compliance with the approved plan.

Site Plan Review Documents

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