State Fair Parking District

The State Fair Parking District is a specific geographic area identified as an overlay zoning district within the City of Saint Paul. The purpose of the overlay parking district is to allow parking in residential yards within this area during the Minnesota State Fair. There is no application form or fee required for property owners within the overlay district to use their yards for parking.

Minnesota State Fair Overlay District Map

State Fair Vending District

The State Fair Vending District is an overlay zoning district that is a smaller than the parking district within the City of Saint Paul. The purpose of the overlay vending district is to permit the display, exhibition, sale of certain merchandise, goods or services during the Minnesota State Fair.

State Fair Overlay District Zoning Code

Vending Overlay District Map

Property Owners

As a property owner located in the State Fair Vending Overlay District, you can legally sell goods or services in a portion of your yard during the Minnesota State Fair. In order to do so, you must fill out a State Fair Vending Permit application. You are required to obtain written consent from your neighbors on each side of your property. The vendors must also be identified, along with the products they wish to sell, and a drawing of their intended signage. Hours of operation will be limited to those that the State Fair operates (6 am to 12 pm). The permit is only valid during the dates of the Minnesota State Fair. A new permit is required each year.

State Fair Vending Application

Selling Food in the Overlay District

If a vendor intends to sell food in the overlay district, the vendor must apply for a license from either the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), or the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), depending on the type of food to be sold. Each vendor can only have one license. For example, if a vendor wants to sell doughnuts and milk, the vendor would have to decide which license to obtain. Please click on the below link to see the list of food types with their corresponding department.

State Fair Food Licensing

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions regarding the parking and overlay districts, please contact the Zoning Office at 651-266-9008 or via email at

Last Edited: August 23, 2023