Proposed changes in competency cards would provide better direction and represent the needs of today's evolving industry

Several changes have been recently proposed to City code related to building trades business licenses and certificates of competency. Existing ordinance language is outdated, unclear, and does not support current industry standards and needs. 

The proposed changes to Saint Paul Legislative Code would provide greater clarity in definitions, more transparency in the City's system governing competency cards, and more entry points to our professional trades, expanding opportunities for all. 

Proposed changes to the Legislative Code, affecting Chapters 369, Building Trades Business Licenses, and 370, Building Trades Certificates of Competency, would create a new Competency Card, update education and testing requirements for those performing work in Refrigeration and Warm Air trades in residential homes, and would open more opportunities for contractors in the Saint Paul market. Of special note: Current Competency Card holders would not be required to do anything different under the proposed changes to the ordinances. 

A formal proposal intended to ensure the City has clear regulatory guidance will be presented to City Council in 2022.

To learn more, read a PowerPoint presentation here. You may also view the presentation using this YouTube link DSI Competency Card Changes | February 2, 2022 - YouTube; for best viewing, expand it to view in full screen mode.

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Last Edited: May 11, 2023