Fireplace / Wood Stove Permit Application

Application Requirements

You must submit the following:

Who Can Apply?

Owners / HomesteadersOwners / HomesteadersOwners / homesteaders may apply for a refrigeration permit for a single-family dwelling if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • You own the property
  • You legally homestead the property
  • You perform the factory-built fireplace / wood stove work yourself

Owners / homesteaders of duplexes must be living in the half / side of the duplex where the factory-built fireplace / wood stove work will be performed. If you are the owner of a single-family dwelling or duplex and do not homestead the portion you are working in, you can not apply for a factory-built fireplace / wood stove permit. (A homesteader occupies the dwelling unit and is registered as the homesteader in Ramsey County. To file for homestead, contact Ramsey County Homestead at 651-266-2100.)ContractorsFactory-built fireplace / wood stove permits for all properties other than owners / homesteaders' property must be obtained by a City of Saint Paul licensed factory-built fireplace / wood stove contractor. Factory-built fireplace / wood stove permits may be obtained by a licensed contractor, as noted below:

If a contractor has been hired, that licensed factory built fireplace / wood stove contractor is responsible for obtaining the permit and complying with code requirements.