The City of Saint Paul offers a platform to submit development plans online. Electronic Plan Review is a convenient service that speeds up the existing permitting process by replacing the traditional paper-based review method.

Site Plan and New Commercial and Addition Building Plan reviews are eligible for Electronic Plan Review.

The following are some Frequently Asked Questions about getting started with ProjectDox. If you don't find an answer here, feel free to email

What is ProjectDox?

ProjectDox is the software the City of Saint Paul has invested in to perform Electronic Plan Review. This web-based software, a product of Avolve Software, is used in more than 150 cities to accept plan review documents online, and supports a more transparent and accessible review process.

What will Electronic Plan Review enable me to do?

You are able to upload drawings and other documents without having to travel to downtown Saint Paul: Monitor and track projects throughout the plan review process, view comments and markups, download approved plans, view due dates, and add/update project team members.

How do I start my application?

Apply for the following permits at the City of Saint Paul Department of Safety and Inspections office (375 Jackson Street, 2nd floor) and provide your email address to start the online review process:

  • Building Permit: New Construction
  • Building Permit: Commercial Additions (includes multi-family dwellings)
  • All Site Plan Reviews

What happens after I submit my application?

  1. You can expect to get a link through the email address you provided on the application

    • Once a Site Review or Building Review application is submitted to DSI, customers will receive an email inviting them to log into the portal and create an Electronic Plan Review account.
    • Applicants may upload documents and start communicating directly with City staff as soon as they create an account.
  2. Upload required documents for your type of review through the ProjectDox site
    • Applicants may log directly into the portal or follow their emailed project invitation link
    • First-time users will be asked to create an account; you can find a video showing how to do this on the Electronic Plan Review page.
    • SPR Requirements
    • BPR Requirements
  3. Plans are reviewed
    • Using the Electronic Plan Review system, customers may immediately view their project status.
  4. Receive corrections
    • Because the documents are shared online, City departments may now work concurrently rather than wait for each staff member to finish their analysis before passing along documents to the next reviewer.
    • Applicant teams will be able to see City staff from each reviewing division or department (Zoning, Public Works, Planning, etc.) sign off or add their own questions/concerns to plans
  5. Upload corrections
    • Customers can respond to each requested correction or question
  6. Pay fees
    • Customers will receive email invoices, which they may pay online or in person
  7. Download stamped plans
    • After plans have been stamped and all fees are paid, plans will be available for immediate download.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, visit our “How to use ProjectDox in St. Paul” page.

Will I need to purchase anything additional to participate in Electronic Plan Review?

Other than the regular fees associated with the permit or review process, there are no additional software costs associated with ProjectDox.

Does ProjectDox work best with a specific browser?

The recommended browser for optimal utilization of ProjectDox is Internet Explorer.

What computer settings are best for Electronic Plan Review?

ProjectDox is a web-based application so it’s available anywhere customers have an Internet connection. You will need a compatible web browser (Internet Explorer is recommended by Avolve but Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge will work).

Regardless of the browser, turn off the site’s pop-up blocker.

If you’re using Internet Explorer, you will need to perform the following additional configurations (one time only):

  • Add ProjectDox to “Trusted Site”
  • Install ProjectDox Components
  • Disable the UAC (User Access Control) to install ProjectDox components

Will documents need to be named in specific format?

Yes. All submitted drawings and documents will be required to follow the City of Saint Paul’s standard naming convention, which can be viewed in the Applicant User Guide on the Electronic Plan Review page.

Will the City of Saint Paul continue with its preliminary review process?

Preliminary reviews will continue after Electronic Plan Review goes live to ensure all projects are fully prepared to move through the process.

Can I submit paper plans after Electronic Plan Review goes live?

The City will continue to accept paper plans for building permits.

Site Plan Reviews will all be conducted using the ProjectDox software after the first quarter of 2020.

If I started my review on paper, can I upload my plans electronically?

Customers who started a permit application before the March 18, 2020 launch of the Electronic Plan Review system will need to continue their review on paper.

You can look forward to your next project moving a lot more efficiently using the online system.

Will there be customer training?

The City of Saint Paul is hosting community training and demonstration events at two different times on March 18, 2020: 9 to 11 a.m. for Building Plan Review customers, and 2 to 4 p.m. for Site Plan Review customers. You need not attend both. Both sessions will be held at 375 Jackson St., 2nd floor training room.

The Department of Safety and Inspections’ technical staff also will be available to answer questions and get help walking through account set up, etc. For technical assistance with Electronic Plan Review, contact

Now that Saint Paul Has Electronic Plan Review can I still visit the City to speak with staff?

Of course! During business hours customers who wish to meet with City staff are welcome to visit and discuss any concerns or questions about an application or a process.

DSI is located at 375 Jackson St., Suite 220; Saint Paul, MN 55101

Who can I contact about Electronic Plan Review?

Last Edited: July 12, 2021